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Key information for Mutual Aid Groups

Islington’s mutual aid groups have played a very significant role in the community effort to support residents who need help during the pandemic. Whether delivering food and other essentials to people who are self-isolating, supporting neighbours with a friendly phone call, or providing valuable assistance to community projects, mutual aid groups have helped residents to stay at home and stay safe.

Islington Council is working with mutual aid groups to run online information and training sessions for groups in the borough, aimed at sharing knowledge with and between groups. Presentations from previous training sessions can be accessed by emailing your council contact. These were on:

  • We Are Islington Training
  • Adult Social Care for Residents
  • Food Provision in the context of Covid-19
  • Befriending
  • Social Connectedness during Covid-19

If there are any topics you would like to see training on, please email your point of contact.
Regular newsletters are circulated to all mutual aid groups in the borough. To receive copies of these newsletters, please also email your council contact.

Below are links to key information relevant to the work of Islington’s mutual aid groups.

Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

  • Wearing and making face masks, necessary now in most public spaces, read Face Masks and Coverings guidance

  • Key information necessary to protect your own and other people’s health whilst volunteering can be found in Public Health’s Guidance for Volunteers

  • If you have concerns about someone you are in contact with through volunteering. If you are not sure what action to take in a particular case or have dealt with a difficult situation and would like to debrief with an appropriate professional, your point of contact can assist. For more information, read the Safeguarding Advice for Volunteers Guidance.

Support for Islington Residents during Covid-19

  • We Are Islington Helpline is a telephone/email helpline for residents who need support during Covid-19. Lines are open every day from 9am to 5pm

  • Resident Support Scheme  is support for Islington residents facing severe financial hardship and in need of temporary help with urgent living costs

  • Coronavirus Support Directory is a service directory of key community providers supporting Islington residents during Covid-19

  • Food Provision advice and guidance for community food projects and an overview of food provision during Covid-19

  • Support for People in the Shielded Group provides guidance and information on sources of support for residents most at risk of severe illness as a result of coronavirus

  • Directory of Businesses lists businesses across Islington open during the pandemic, including those offering a delivery service to residents shielding or self-isolating.

Support for Migrants and Speakers of Community Languages

Coronavirus Information in Community Languages includes links to NHS guidance, domestic violence and employment rights advice translated into community languages, and details of a community initiative to connect mutual aid groups with volunteer interpreters.

Support for Residents with No Recourse to Public Funds provides information on what services a person who has no recourse to public funds may be able to access and how they can get help if they are struggling financially or are at risk of homelessness.         

Funding for Mutual Aid and Voluntary Sector Groups

  • Local Initiatives Fund provides small grants available for activities at ward level that deliver benefit to the residents of the ward. This is accessible to mutual aid groups applying with an aligned voluntary and community sector organisation.
  • The London Community Response Fund supports voluntary and community sector organisations responding to the coronavirus pandemic across London. This is accessible to mutual aid groups applying with an aligned voluntary and community sector organisation.
  • Funding Support provides an overview of local and national funding opportunities for voluntary and community sector organisations.

Employment and Benefits Advice

Support with Accessing Benefits for residents wanting to access and apply for a range of benefits.

Rights at Work in the Context of Covid-19 - Information about joining a trade union and what to do if you have concerns about your safety at work.

Test and Trace and Local Outbreak Plan

Council Contacts for Mutual Aid Groups

If you are involved in a mutual aid group and have any questions, need further information or practical support, or have an issue you would like to talk through, please get in touch with the point of contact for your ward.  

 Mutual Aid Group/Ward


Finsbury Park

Hillrise & Tollington



St George's

Alice Robson


Call: 020 7527 4075

Highbury East & West


St Mary’s

St Peter’s

Tony Robinson


Call: 0202 7527 7631

Barnsbury & Caledonian


Clerkenwell & Bunhill

Barry Winchester


Call: 020 7527 4112

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