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Voluntary and Community Sector Strategy 2016-20

Our strategy outlines the role that voluntary organisations play in improving the lives of local residents.

Voluntary and community organisations are crucial to our aim of making Islington a place where everyone, whatever their background, can achieve their potential and enjoy a good quality of life.

The strategy sets out how these organisations can help us meet our priorities. It describes our approach to the sector, and makes a number of commitments that seek to make better use of our resources.

We will support Islington’s voluntary and community sector through:

  • funding: including small-grants and partnership grants.
  • contracting: commissioning organisations to deliver services.
  • premises: developing an approach that maximises the use of our buildings, and enables organisations to use these.
  • working with key partners: promote volunteering, support fundraising and providing training.

Download the strategy document and the original consultation below.

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