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Islington Compact: a framework for organisations working together

This is an agreement that sets out how local public service and the voluntary and community sector will work together to address the challenges facing the borough and to improve the lives of everyone in Islington.

Download a copy of the Islington Compact document below.

Shared agreements

Although local statutory and voluntary sectors already work closely together, the Compact provides a framework for stronger and more effective relationships, through a number of joint actions that have been agreed by all endorsing organisations.

These organisations have agreed to:

  • promote equality
  • support disadvantaged groups and communities
  • support and sustain community involvement
  • increase the amount, range and quality of volunteering opportunities in Islington
  • ensure that volunteers’ contribution is valued
  • improve the quality and sustainability of third sector infrastructure
  • ensure accessible funding and commissioning arrangements
  • maximise the use of community premises for community benefit
  • employ a shared approach to information management and sharing

Endorsing organisations

The Compact has been endorsed by a number of statutory and voluntary sector organisations, including:

  • Islington Council
  • NHS Islington
  • Islington Community Network
  • local fire, police and prison services
  • local registered social landlords
  • further and higher education colleges
  • Jobcentre Plus
  • Islington Clinical Commissioning Group

Raising an issue or concern

The Compact aims to provide a clear understanding of how statutory and voluntary sector organisations will work in partnership. It allows organisations to hold each other to account should the need arise.

If you believe that a partner has not abided by the agreed principles, the Compact tells you how you can report and follow up on the issue.

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