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No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF)

A social services safety net for those who do not qualify for mainstream support due to their immigration status but who require support because of complex health needs or to avoid a child becoming destitute. Islington receives no funding for this important statutory safety net.

What is ‘No Recourse to Public Funds?’

No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) is an immigration condition restricting access to public funds, including many mainstream benefits such as welfare and housing.

Families and individuals may have a right to financial support (accommodation and subsistence) from social services to avoid destitution or because of complex health needs.

In these cases, the local authority has a duty to support the accommodation and subsistence costs of residents with NRPF.

These cases are often complex to identify, assess and resolve and unpredictable in terms of how much they cost and how long they last. The council receives no funding to support this work and so Islington has a dedicated NRPF team to provide accommodation and subsistence and to liaise with the Home Office to make sure that immigration queries are resolved as quickly as possible.

Islington also co-ordinates the national network for NRPF which brings together local authorities and provides provide detailed advice and guidance on NRPF – including regular updates on case law and legislation.

The NRPF Network can provide guidance on NRPF issues but cannot provide immigration advice. NRPF support may only be provided to residents of London Borough of Islington. If you are resident in another borough and are requesting support, you should contact your local social services.

Who is eligible for NRPF support from the local authority?

There are three main groups who may be eligible for NRPF support from the local authority.

Group​​ Supported Under​
Destitute families​ S17 Children’s Act (1989)​
Single adults with care needs ​

Care Act (2014)

S117 Mental Health Act (1983)​

Young people leaving care​ Children (leaving care) Act (2000)​


NRPF cases must first present to social services (or Mental Health services) who will then refer to the NRPF team where appropriate. The NRPF team does not accept referrals directly from individuals, or referrals from organisations other than social services or Mental Health teams, but is happy to answer queries related to NRPF.

The NRPF network runs a free advice line on 020 7527 7121 which is available from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri – however, we cannot provide immigration advice to individuals.

For further information please email

Useful information and links

Islington Social Services

Any resident requesting NRPF support should present to social services in the first instance:

  • Children’s Services Contact Team – the single point of contact for all services for children, young people and families in Islington who may need extra help and support.

  • Adult Social Services: Access and Advice Team – the first point of contact for adult social care – providing information, advice and care support.

NRPF Network
As well as practice guidance and a regular newsletter, the NRPF network runs a free advice line on 020 7527 7121 which is available from 9am-5pm Mon-Fri – however, we cannot provide immigration advice to individuals.
Link: NRPF network

National Asylum Support Service
The NRPF team does not generally support asylum seekers or refused asylum seekers which is usually provided by the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) on 0808 8000 630 Mon-Fri 8.30am-7pm or

Citizens Advice
Adviceguide provides information on the immigration rules and where to get immigration advice. All immigration advisors must be OISC registered.
Link: Adviceguide

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