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How you can help refugees

There a many ways you can get involved and support refugees and asylum seekers in Islington.

Homes for Syrian refugees

The UK government has committed to resettling 20,000 Syrian refugees over the next five years. These refugees will come from camps in countries bordering Syria. They will need a home in the UK. You may be able to help if you own a property and would be prepared to offer it as a home for a Syrian refugee family for rent at the level of the ‘Local Housing Allowance’. You can find out more information from Citizens UK.

Foster a child refugee or child seeking asylum

Children and young people arrive in London after difficult journeys from Syria and other war zones. These children arrive in the UK scared, alone and with an uncertain future. They are all in need of a caring home where they can feel safe and encouraged in their education. Islington needs more foster carers to help these children; with the ongoing refugee crisis we expect more young people will soon need our help.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please contact us soon as the assessment process to become a foster carer with Islington may take several months. Islington Council is currently looking after 58 young people seeking asylum, and more families or single people from all backgrounds are needed urgently. Islington foster carers are paid allowances and fees and we offer a 24 hour advice service. If you have a spare room to offer, please ring 0800 073 0428 or email, or please see or find us on


There are a number of organisations that support refugees in London and that need volunteers. You can find out more information from the British Red Cross here, the Refugee council here and Refugee Action here.

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