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Strategic Reviews

A key requirement of the Supporting People programme in the first three years was to carry out strategic reviews of each client group area. Although Islington has grouped reviews by client group and brought papers to the Commissioning Body of key findings we embarked on overarching reviews with other stakeholders at the end of 2005/6.

The aim of client group strategic reviews is to:

  • know where we are in service provision: value, effectiveness and whether there are any gaps

  • understand where we need to be in the light of emerging demands and good practice

  • decide how to get there by developing, modelling and procuring sustainable services

The process of the reviews is:

  • meet with key stakeholders to discuss need, current provision and models of future provision to address identified gaps

  • meet with providers of current services to discuss outcome of service reviews and models of future provision

  • consult with service users to discuss access to services, quality, need and plans for future provision

  • look at service provision sub regionally in order to learn from best practice and benchmark provision

  • the commissioning plan with recommendations and options appraisal taken to the Commissioning Body for consideration and decision

The results of the consultation contribute to the final review proposals. The young people’s strategic review, for instance, has concluded that the borough needs more floating support so that even where young people are placed in temporary accommodation they can access support at the point of entry. This was highlighted in the service user consultation exercise.

Key outcomes may lead to decommissioning current services, directly negotiating with providers for pilot projects or putting services out to tender to test the market.

In line with the borough’s strategic priority areas, the strategic reviews of services are being conducted as follows: vulnerable young people, homeless families and vulnerable adults.

The YP strategic review has produced an action plan that will be sent to all providers. We have learnt a lot from this review not least the value of partnership working that means our services will reflect the outcomes of Every Child Matters and are integrated with the work of Children’s Services. Procurement of new services will tie in with the framework contract timetable.

The strategic review of vulnerable families held a stakeholder day in October 2006 for statutory partners. The outcome of that day identified three themes that are often prevalent within vulnerable families, they are: domestic violence, substance misuse and mental health. 

Proposals for pilot schemes have been put together and we are now doing more work to develop these for decision at the February CB. A paper on the initial findings is being posted to our website.

In relation to vulnerable adults, the learning disability strategic review has been completed. The strategic review of offender provision has commenced and we have had a stakeholder day with providers in early November. Tom Symons is leading on the review and aims to take proposals to the February CB. Probation are closely involved in this work and we have visited schemes managed by LBI providers in different boroughs to look at models of support available.

The proposed timetable in relation to other vulnerable adult client groups is subject to change and will be available on the website shortly.

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