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QAF Core Objectives

Refreshed QAF - The final refreshed QAF was formally launched on the 1st April 2009. As well as the final QAF core objective document you will also find the QAF revised guidance, QAF self assessment summary sheet, and QAF training slides which can be downloaded by clicking on the document name below.  

Passporting – All previous passporting documents will no longer be eligible for passporting under the new QAF. Codes of practice and standards which were previously passported will now have to be refreshed and aligned to the new QAF. CLG/Sitra will undertake any mapping of potential passporting documents and will inform authorities when a standard or code of practice has been awarded passported status.  

QAF Lite – The QAF lite is currently being refreshed and the expectation is that this will be published in late spring/early summer. 

Supplementary Objectives – Supplementary objectives will not be refreshed. You will see that some of the supplementary objectives have now been lifted and included in the main QAF core objectives. 

Islington Supporting People service providers should seek to have the requirements of the refreshed QAF implemented within services. The QAF self assessment summary sheet should be completed by all service providers and returned to contract officers by 30 June 2009.

A refreshed QAF scoring sheet is also available in Excel format. Please e-mail the Supporting People mailbox at to request a copy of this document.

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