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The council’s vision is set out in the 2006/09 Corporate Plan that looks at meeting the needs of the community, bridging the socio-economic divide and building community cohesion.  The Commissioning Body (CB) makes sure that the Supporting People (SP) programme makes a positive contribution to this by ensuring high level corporate commitment and a shared vision. This has meant that SP is embedded in other areas of work.  For example:

  • the council’s Prevention of Homelessness strategy
  • the London Probation’s Housing strategy.
  • the regional work plan and the local work programme of London Probation
  • the adult social services Learning Disability Accommodation Review
  • the Clean Break working group commissioned by the Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT)
  • the council's Domestic Violence Strategy
  • the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy
  • the Older People’s Joint Commissioning Strategy
  • the Adult Mental Health Commissioning Strategy
  • the DoH performance indicator “helping people to live at home”

Elected Members are involved through:

  • regular reporting to Executive on strategy and procurement
  • the Lead Member and Deputy Leader of the Council chairing the Core Strategy Group
  • briefings to Lead Members of housing and communities and adult social services following the local elections
  • on site visits by Lead Members
  • briefings on the programme through the Members Bulletin

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