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Contact details for Supporting People

Referrals team

Referrals for supported housing and floating support are co-ordinated by the Referrals Team within Rehousingat: Islington Customer Centre, 222 Upper Street, London N1 1XR. Email:

Georgina Earthy - Support Accommodation Referrals Manager

Telephone: 020 75273360

Eimear Nic Reamoinn- ReferralCo-ordinator

Telephone:020 75274656

Rosamund Harris - Referral Co-ordinator

Telephone: 020 7527 8282

Ethan Greer- Referral Co-ordinator


Commissioning and strategy

The commissioning for Supporting People housing support services is located:

Strategy and Commissioning Division, Housing and Adult Social Services, 7 Newington Barrow Way, London N7 7EP. Email:

Ramesh Logeswaran - Supporting People Programme Manager

Telephone: 020 7527 4169

Jane Watson - Supporting People Contracts Officer

Telephone: 020 7527 4195

Natalie Blenman - Supporting People Contracts Officer

Telephone: 020 7527 4058

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