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Supporting People


Supporting People is a working partnership between

  • Islington Council
  • The Probation Service
  • Islington Primary Care Trust (PCT)

Provider organisations, service users and their carers are also involved in the partnership. The aim of this partnership is to deliver locally relevant housing related support services to help vulnerable people live independently in the community.  This is achieved by providing support that prevents problems that can often lead to tenancy failure, hospitalisation, institutional care or homelessness. It can also help smooth the transition from accommodation based residential support to independent living .

The Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) directs many elements of the programme and allocates the funding, but the services that each programme provides reflect the local needs of the communities they serve.  The CLG monitors the performance of the council.

The programme is part of a broader agenda to tackle poverty and social exclusion and will be linked to planning policies for the wider social, economic and environmental well being of the community.  

Shaping housing support services for the future

The Supporting People programme was in development from 2001 and has been implemented in local authorities since April 2003. The funding process previously in place for supported accommodation and housing support services was complex and uncoordinated.   The programme introduced a new system of planning, monitoring and funding and gave local authorities responsibility for the commissioning and funding of housing support services.  It provided a clear overview of all existing support services which were matched against local need and a framework for needs led planning and better quality, more effective, value for money provision to bring major improvements in housing related support services.

The Supporting People strategy outlines:

  •  the challenges, changes and issues that need to be addressed over the next few years
  • how the partnership of the council, health and probation will work together to meet the needs of vulnerable and socially excluded people in Islington
  • and the financial context in which this will be achieved.

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