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Housing advice

Housing Aid Team

If you have a housing problem or consider yourself homeless or about to be, you can contact the Housing Aid Team for advice and an assessment of your circumstances.  The service is run by Islington Council and can offer face-to-face and telephone support and advice about finding accommodation.  If you decide to visit in person, it is best to come in the morning.  If you become homeless outside these hours due to an emergency ring 020 7527 2000.

Supported housing

The council provides supported housing services to help vulnerable people develop and maintain their capacity to live more independently in their home. 

Islington Outreach

Outreach surgeries provide housing advice and are aimed at preventing homelessness.  The advice is provided by different agencies in Islington on specific days.

Illegal eviction and harassment

The Housing Aid Team provides free expert, impartial and confidential advice to private tenants living in the borough who have problems with their tenancies, including illegal eviction and harassment.

Illegal eviction - the landlord or somebody else excludes a residential occupier without a court order. This is often done by changing the locks, but sometimes violent or threatening behaviour is used.

Harassment - the landlord or somebody else deliberately interferes with your ability to live in your home in peace.  Acts of harassment include:

  • physical threats

  • constant visits to your home to demand that you leave

  • disconnection of electricity or gas

  • deliberate damage to your belongings, etc.

Protection from eviction

If your landlord (or anyone else) is trying to force you out of your home without a court order, they are probably acting illegally. It is a criminal offence to harass or unlawfully evict someone from their home. The council has powers to prosecute offenders under the Protection from Eviction Act. In very serious cases, landlords have been sent to jail. Although not everyone who pays rent is protected under this law, most are and the Housing Advice Team can advise you about this.  Even if you have rent arrears or your tenancy agreement has expired, the law will still protect you from illegal eviction and harassment.  

Contact the Housing Aid Team:

If violence is used or threatened, call the police on 999.

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