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Asking us to look at the decision again

If you think we have made a mistake or have made the wrong decision you can ask us to look at the decision again. Your request must be in writing and signed by you.

You can:

  • complete the online form in my eAccount
  • visit us at one of our Area Housing Offices
  • write to us at Benefits Service, London Borough of Islington, PO Box 34750, London, N7 9WF

Youonly have one month from the date of the decision to ask us to look at your decision again. If you have special reasons why you cannot ask us within one month, you must contact us to explain why because we may still be able to look at our decision again.

What happens next?

The decision will be checked by a different officer to the one who made the original decision, to see if it is correct.

If we change our decision

  • we may change it from the date of our original decision
  • we will send you a letter explaining our new decision
  • you will havenew appeal rights against this new decision

If we cannot change our decision

  • we will send you a letter asking why
  • you will have one month to appeal to the Tribunals Service

How can I find out more?

For further information visit:

Tribunals Service
Local Government Ombudsman
Citizens Advice

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