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What can you do?

If you want to know how you're affected or you're struggling to cope, there's plenty of help and support available.

Practical Advice

The government’s reforms can be confusing and may still change, so it’s important you have the correct information to help you make choices that are right for you and your family, and to get the help you need. If you think you're affected, then it's important you get help as soon as possible so we can work with you to help manage the impact of the changes.

Get benefits advice

  • Find out how you're affected:

In some cases we are contacting people who we think will be affected, but the best way to be sure is for you to get advice on how the changes may affect you and what your options are.

  • Appeal a benefits decision:

We can help you appeal a benefits decision that you think is wrong.

  • Claim all the benefits you're entitled to:

Some benefits are exempt from the government changes - contact us to see if you should be claiming a benefit that means these changes don’t affect you. We can also look at any other benefits you may be entitled to, that could help you manage.

For help with your benefits, please contact the council's Income Maximisation team on 020 7527 4990 or at

Manage your money, sort out your debts

If you're going to be losing some of your benefits, you need to think about how you're going to manage your money so you don’t get into difficulties once the government changes come in. If you're already having money problems then it’s important you get help now. There is plenty of advice and support in Islington.

Get into work/self-employment

You'll be exempt from many of the changes if you're in full- or part-time work. You may worry about childcare costs, or that you can't afford to work as you'll lose too much benefit. We can help you with “better off” calculations so you can see if you can afford to work. We can also help with advice and support on childcare, training and employment, or look at your ideas for self-employment and how you can make them work for you.

Housing advice

If you're worried about how housing benefit changes will affect you, having difficulty paying your rent or are worried you may lose your home, there's plenty of advice and support available. Contact us to find out what your options are. We can also help with mutual exchanges or if you want to downsize.

Are you in crisis?

If you're struggling to cope then it's really important you get help. There's plenty of free and confidential support available for you. There's no need to suffer alone.

Click on one of the links below to see the organisations that can offer support and information to you.

Organisations that can help you

You can access organisations that offer support and advice for a range of problems. Click on a question to access its organisation's details. If you're struggling financially or having any other difficulties, it's important that you get help. These organisations help hundreds of people every year, and they can help you too.

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