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Refugee and Migrant Integration

Refugee and migrant integration is very much part of the Council’s fairness agenda

Islington Council has reviewed its strategic approach to refugee and migrant integration, with a renewed focus on integrating ways of meeting the needs of these groups into our day to day service provision.

The Council works in partnership with the Islington Refugee Forum (IRF) and Refugee and Migrant Community Organisations (RMCOs) across the borough to ensure that its services are improving outcomes for those residents. RMCOs are community organisations that work with, support and represent residents from refugee and migrant communities.

The Refugee and Migrant Integration Statement of Strategic Intent

Our new statement of strategic intent replaces the council’s 2010 Refugee Integration Strategy and Refugee and Migrant Action Plan (RMAP). This new strategic intent will serve to highlight to staff the needs of a group that can sometimes be overlooked. It will support our services in integrating ways of meeting these needs into day-to-day service provision, rather than creating separate provision. By recognising the requirements of refugees and migrants and including these in the way we design our services, we aim to provide equal access to our services for all our residents.

The following areas are identified as ones where council services support key integration outcomes, and specific work is recommended under each:

  • Welfare, accommodation and employment

  • Education pathways

  • Inclusion and community safety

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Support for those with no recourse to public funds (NRPF)

  • Information and advice

Whilst refugee or migrant status is not a protected characteristic under the Equality Act, it falls within the protected characteristic of race. Islington’s refugee and migrant integration strategic intent is one way in which we aim to meet our equality duty for this protected characteristic.

The document shows what we value, what we need to do to meet our obligations to our residents and how we can deliver effective refugee and migrant integration in the context of the current public sector funding challenge. It is supported by a refugee and migrant factsheet, and a strategic overview diagram, also available under ‘Related Documents’ below. 

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