Voting and elections

Annual voter registration campaign

The electoral register is updated each year during the annual canvass period (July – November) and a revised Register of Electors is published on 1 December.

All households in Islington will receive a Yellow Household Enquiry Form between 19-24 July explaining what they need to do.

You must respond to the form. The ways to respond are set out below and are printed on the form.

Register online, by freephone or text

If there are no changes to the pre-printed information on the form you still need to confirm your details. You can do this in less than a minute online or by using the freephone or SMS text service. You will need to have your security codes to hand which are printed on the form.

If you need to make changes you can either use the internet service detailed on the form or complete and return the form manually in the enclosed pre-paid envelope.

Every household must state:

a) The names of all eligible electors who live in the household, or
b) If no one is eligible to be registered, state the reason (eg empty property, registered elsewhere or all residents are foreign nationals from a country or countries who are not members of either the EU or the Commonwealth)

Please respond straightaway to save the council money as we are required to send reminders and ultimately employ people to call at non-responding properties to obtain the information.

Every household – whatever the occupier’s nationality or status – has to reply each year, but it is the elector’s choice if they wish to vote or not at the time of an election.

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