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General Election 2019 candidates

In a general election, you can vote for one Member of Parliament (MP) to represent your area – or constituency – in the House of Commons. Voters in all 650 constituencies in the UK vote on the same day.

The candidate with the most votes in each constituency becomes the MP for that area. This voting system is called 'first past the post'. Usually, the political party with the most MPs then forms the government, although two or more parties with a combined majority of MPs may form a coalition government.

There are two parliamentary constituencies in Islington:

  • Islington North
  • Islington South & Finsbury

Who you can vote for depends on where you live. Check which constituency you live in using your postcode.

Islington North candidates

Name of       Home Address Description (if any)  Names of Signatories Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors
Nick The Incredible Flying 
Hillside Farm, Field Lane, Kirk Ireton, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, DE6 3LN The Official Monster Raving Loony Party Dhanraj Nastassia I L(+)
Dervish Dervish
Cheeseman David A
Lund Lisa
Johnson MacGarrow Joel
Ward Andrew J(++)
Dervish Jay C
Baker James
MacGarrow Jill
Hopkins Joseph R
(Address in the Lewisham Deptford Constituency) Conservative and Unionist Party Wilkin John A(+)
Bass Jonathan C
Williams Tony
Bryan-Bentley Elliott S
Lawrence Robin 
Mulhern Katherine(++)
Williams Christopher J H
Alexander Aldeen
Watson John P
Maxwell William J
Jeremy Bernard
(Address in the Islington North Constituency) Labour Party McGarry Alison M(+)
Spall Marian
Rowan Michael A
Thomas Annette R
Watts Richard
Moorby John S(++)
Buffery Kate W
Nava Michaela
Williams Jacqueline
Spall Helen M
Yosef Hayeem
(Address in the Golders Green and Finchley Constituency) Brexit Party Manderson Janet A(+)
Cherry William
Northcott David
Rawcliffe Tessa K
Davis Laura K
Cochrane Gary(++)
Hodson Steven
Glazier Laurence J
Davis Mark R
Perkins Katherine O E
35 Highbury Park, London, N5 1TH Green Party Mullen John(+)
Roebuck Susan M
Hamdache Benali R
Elliott Paul N
Cox Natasha L
Logan Ruth K(++)
May Georgina
Graham-Brown Nafisah
Barnes Robert
Lee Deborah
(Address in the Islington North Constituency) Liberal Democrats Chamberlain Mike(+)
Roseneil Sasha
Hauptmeier Dietrich
Nash Sydney G C
Desmond Elizabeth A
Olleson Mark J(++)
Cathcart Iain S
Andrusz Gregory D
Dornan Paul A
Stevenson Thomas A

Islington South & Finsbury candidates

 Name of Candidate Home Address Description (if any)   Names of Signatories Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors
Jason Theo George
(Address in the Islington South and Finsbury Constituency) The Conservative Party Candidate  Nugent Janet J(+)
Platt Clive E C
Balchin Peter J
Grayling Laura H
Rogers Nigel J C
 Phillips Eric S A(++)
Jones Nicholas H
Lang Jonathan
Bizon Karen A
Joseph Margaret
 (Address in the Islington South and Finsbury Constituency)  Brexit Party King Regan B(+)
Duffy James
Peattie Brian R
Wark Tristan J
Pattinson David H S
Knowles Catharine A(++)
Daly Amanda
Ingrey Sally
De Beers Daisy R
Blackbourn Denise E
24B Elmore Street, London, N1 3AL  Green Party Griffith Lara R I(+)
Clayton Hannah
Wright Jonathan A W
Ray Nicola
Ludgate Nicky
 Jones Bronwen E(++)
De`Souza Othello
Ritchie Ossian A L
Radway Christopher M B
Bailey Susan
Lord Sandys
16 Imperial Hall, 104-122 City Road, London, EC1V 2NR  The Official Monster Raving Loony Party  Winter Audrey(+)
Eversole Elizabeth B
Meagher Steven M
Hayter Louise
Honey Gordon
 Hall Susan H E(++)
Lopez Ace C
Mellett Edward R
Cooper John
Dougill David
Kate Elizabeth
 (Address in the Islington North Constituency)  Liberal Democrats  Meek Alice M(+)
Carley Nicholas
Tjugum Brian C
Tennant Christopher J
Virani Hanif
 Hersi Yassin(++)
Gordon Timothy
Hyett Andrew C
MacNair Selina G
Osborne David P
Emily Anne
 (Address in the Islington South and Finsbury Constituency)  Labour Party  Hyde Sara K S(+)
McGovern Pauline
Nargund Praful
Okereafor Henry E
McClellan Jacob J
 McLaughlin Ian W(++)
O`Tierney Eamonn A
Banke Patricia
Rose Hilary A
Lenier Jude K

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