Voting and elections

Voter registration canvass

Each year, towards the end of the summer, we update the electoral roll by sending you a household enquiry form that you need to respond to.

This process is known as the annual canvass and the purpose of the household enquiry form is to confirm who is eligible to vote at this address. It takes place in August-November and is used to update the electoral register for when it is published on 1 December.

Every household – whatever the occupier's nationality or status – will need to reply each year, whether it is correct or not. It is easy to do and full instructions are included with the form itself. It is an information rather than registration form so anyone who is added to the household enquiry form will also need to individually register to vote. 

Confirming everything is correct 

If there are no changes to the pre-printed information on the form you still need to confirm your details. You can do this in less than a minute using the Freefone, Internet or SMS texting service or complete and return the form. The details of this, including your security codes, can be found on your form. 

Making changes or adding new names

The quickest way to do this is online or you can complete and return the form. Once you have made the changes any individuals that need to be added to the roll can register at If nothing is received, the Electoral Registration Office will send them a voter registration form. 

Registering or changing details after 1 December

If you move house or your details change, you can update your registration at any time of year at You’ll receive confirmation of this in writing, which you may want to keep as proof of your registration.

Become a voter registration canvasser

If you are interested in working for the service as a canvasser - which would mean calling at properties in the borough to encourage voter registration and help residents complete forms - please read the below information on the role and complete and email us the form at the bottom of this page to or post it to:

Electoral Services
Town Hall
Upper Street
 N1 2UD

The job

Every year the council appoints a number of canvassers to assist the Electoral Registration Officer with producing a new electoral register, which is published on 1 December. Canvassers carry out house-to-house visits to both deliver initially and later collect elector information for the compilation of the new register. 
Each household in Islington will have hand-delivered by a canvasser a Household Enquiry Form from 19-24 August and a reminder will be sent via Royal Mail in mid-September, if no reply has been received. In October and November canvassers are assigned a particular canvass area and are tasked with visiting non responding properties to try to get the forms completed. 

Canvassers are required to complete the canvassing activity within the set time frame. During the four week visit stage, canvassers will be expected to make at least three calls non-responding properties, at different times to maximise the chance of catching the residents in. This can be during the evenings or weekends as you see fit. Canvassers are required to work in their own time. 

Canvassers should provide assistance to residents in completing the forms, where necessary. 

Canvassers are required to have: 

  • Good communication skills and the ability to relate to people 
  • Awareness of, and sensitivity to, cultural diversity 
  • The ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines 
  • A professional and politically neutral manner 

Canvassers are required to visit Electoral Services personally for collection of their forms at the start of the process and will be required to submit completed forms each week to their allocated supervisor within the Electoral Services team.

Some canvassers will have the option of using tablets instead of paper. If you are interested in using a tablet, provided by us, please indicate so on the application form.

All canvassers will be required to attend one training session prior to the start of the personal visit stage (door-knocking) at Islington Town Hall. 


Payment is based on performance. The payment scheme will be available from the Electoral services team shortly. Canvassers are paid a fee for delivery and also for each completed form returned. 

Application Form

If you are interested in joining our dedicated and professional team of canvassers please complete and return the application form below.