Voting and elections

UK Parliamentary Elections

UK Parliamentary General Elections are held five years. The last general election was in May 2015. The next general election will be in May 2020.

In a general election, you can vote for one Member of Parliament (MP) to represent your area – or constituency – in the House of Commons. Voters in all 650 constituencies in the UK vote on the same day.

The candidate with the most votes in each constituency becomes the MP for that area. This voting system is called 'first past the post'. Usually, the political party with the most MPs then forms the government, although two or more parties with a combined majority of MPs may form a coalition government. There has to be a general election every five years. The last general election was in May 2015.

Islington’s constituencies

There are two parliamentary constituencies in the borough – Islington North and Islington South & Finsbury.

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