Voting and elections

Polling District Review

A Notice of Holding a Review of Polling Places and Districts was published on 20 June. For full details see Notice at bottom of this page.

The (Acting) Returning Officer initial proposals were published on 11 August 2017. Comments and further submissions were then invited up to 25 August 2017 and the updated draft report is now published below.

This report will now be submitted for approval by the Audit Committee of the Council on 19 September who will then adopt a polling scheme for the next 4 years effective 1 December 2017, upon publication of the revised Register of Electors.

A Scope approved access checklist is being used to assess the suitability of all venues.

Maps of existing boundaries and a list of polling districts, polling places and their electorates are available from Electoral Services who can be contacted on 020 7527 3110 or

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