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Local Council Election Results

Lccal Council Election Results 2010

The councillors elected for each ward are listed below and represented on the map. The Labour Party has 35 councillors and is the majority party. The Liberal Democrats have 13 councillors. Click on a ward name from the list on the left-hand side for the full results from May 2010.

Local Council Election Results 2002 and 2006

For details of the results from the full council elections in 2006 and 2002 see downloadable documents at the very bottom of this page.

1. Hillrise

  • Marian SPALL, Labour Party
  • Lorraine CONSTANTINOU, Liberal Democrats
  • Greg Foxsmith, Liberal Democrats

2. Junction

  • Janet Diane BURGESS, Labour Party
  • Arthur Tommas GRAVES, Liberal Democrats
  • Ursula Jane WOOLLEY, Liberal Democrats

3. Tollington

  • Catherine Elizabeth WEST, Labour Party
  • Richard Charles WATTS, Labour Party
  • Jean Roger KASEKI, Labour Party

4. St George's

  • Tracy Alison ISMAIL, Liberal Democrats
  • David Gerald Martin WILSON, Liberal Democrats
  • Jessica ASATO, Labour Party

5. Finsbury Park

  • Phil KELLY, Labour Party
  • Barbara SIDNELL, Labour Party
  • Mick O'SULLIVAN, Labour Party

6. Holloway

  • Barry Llewelyn Thomas EDWARDS, Labour Party
  • Paul SMITH, Labour Party
  • Lucy Clementine Moore RIGBY, Labour Party

7. Highbury West

  • Theresa DEBONO, Labour Party
  • Richard GREENING, Labour Party
  • Andy HULL, Labour Party

8. Highbury East

  • Julie HORTEN, Liberal Democrats
  • John GILBERT, Liberal Democrats
  • Terry STACY, Liberal Democrats

9. Mildmay

  • Kate GROUCUTT, Labour Party
  • Rhodri Iain JAMIESON-BALL, Liberal Democrats
  • Joe CALOURI, Labour Party

10. Caledonian

  • Rupert Perry, Labour Party
  • Paul Edmund CONVERY, Labour Party
  • Charlynne Mari Chantal PULLEN, Labour Party

11. Barnsbury

  • James MURRAY, Labour Party
  • Jilani CHOWDHURY, Labour Party
  • Mouna Hamitouche, Labour Party

12. St Mary's

  • Joan Coupland, Labour Party
  • Susan BUCHANAN, Liberal Democrats
  • Rhiannon Latika DAVIS, Labour Party

13. St Peter's

  • Shelley COUPLAND, Labour Party
  • Gary Paul DOOLAN, Labour Party
  • Martin KLUTE, Labour Party

14. Canonbury

  • Paula Lesley BELFORD, Liberal Democrats
  • Wally BURGESS, Labour Party
  • Faye WHALEY, Labour Party

15. Clerkenwell

  • Raphael Anslen ANDREWS, Labour Party
  • Steph CHARALAMBOUS, Labour Party
  • George Edwin ALLAN, Liberal Democrats

16. Bunhill

  • Claudia Naomi WEBBE, Labour Party
  • Troy GALLAGHER, Labour Party
  • Robert KHAN, Labour Party
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