Voting and elections

2005 General Election results

Islington Results in Parliamentary Election – 5 May 2005

Declared results for Islington North Constituency

  • Jeremy Bernard Corbyn (Labour Party) 16,118
  • Jon Robert Nott (Green) 2,234
  • Nicola Emma Talbot (Conservative) 3,740
  • Laura Willoughby (Liberal Democrat) 9,402

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn duly elected a Member for the Islington North Constituency.

Declared results for Islington South Constituency

  • Bridget Caroline Fox (Liberal Democrat) 11,861
  • Andrew James Elton (The Official Monster Raving Looney Party)  189
  • Chris Gidden (Independent)   31
  • James William Humphreys (Green) 1,471
  • Melanie Lylla McLean (Conservative) 4,594
  • Patricia Theresa Theophanides (UK Independence Party)  470
  • Emily Thornberry (Labour) 12,345

Emily Thornberry duly elected a Member for the Islington South Constituency.

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