Voting and elections

2005 General Election results

Islington North

Election of a a Member of Parliament for the Islington North constituency. Declaration of Result of Poll.

I, the undersigned, being the Returning Officer at the Election of a Member of Parliament for the Islington North constituency, held on the 5th day of May 2005, do hereby give notice that the number of votes recorded for each candidate at the said election is as follows:

Candidate's surname

Other Name(s)

Description  Number of votes 
CORBYN  Jeremy Bernard The Labour Party Candidate 16,118
NOTT  Jon Robert Green Party  2,234
TALBOT Nicola Emma  The Conservative Party Candidate 3,740
WILLOUGHBY  Laura  Liberal Democrat  9,402

Jeremy Bernard Corbyn duly elected a Member for the Islington North Constituency.

Islington South & Finsbury

Candidate's surname 

Other Name(s)


Number of votes

FOX Bridget Caroline Liberal Democrat  11,861
ELTON Andrew James The Official Monster Raving Looney Party 189
GIDDEN Chris  Independent  31 
HUMPHREYS  James William  Green party  1.471
McLEAN Melanie Lylla The Conservative Party Candidate  4,594
THEOPHANIDES Patricia Theresa UK Independence Party  470
THORNBERRY Emilly  The Labour Party Candidate  12,345


Emily Thornberry duly elected a Member for the Islington South Constituency.

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