Voting and elections

Previous by-elections

Junction Ward - March 2013

Kaya Makarau-Schwartz, Labour Party, was elected..

St George's Ward March 2013

Kat Fletcher, Labour Party, was elected. 

Holloway Ward - May 2012

Cllr Rakhia Ismail, Labour Party, was elected.

St Mary's Ward - November 2011

Cllr Gary Poole, Labour Party, was elected.

St Peter's Ward - August 2011

Cllr Alice Perry, Labour Party, was elected.

Highbury West - May 2005

  • Theresa Debono (Labour Party) 1669
  • Iarla Kilbane-Dawe (Liberal Democrats ) 711
  • Tim Newark (Local Freedom for Islington Residents Party) 437
  • Jon Nott (Green Party) 1043
  • Simon Phillips (Conservative) 394

Theresa Debono was elected.

Hillrise - October 2003

Jayashankar Sharma was elected.

Barnsbury and Hillrise wards - June 2003

Emma C. Gowers was elected for Barnsbury.

 Fiona Dunlop was elected for Hillrise.

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