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Digital Strategy

In this age of expectation the council needs to deliver services that are modern, inexpensive and efficient, and in a way that is inclusive of all our residents. Digital technology has a fundamental role to play in delivering services that meet these expectations.

The Digital Strategy outlines our vision for ‘making Islington digital’ and our approach for realising this.

It hinges around four key priority areas:

  • Digital Customer Service – enabling citizens to get the services and information they need online
  • Digital Workforce – giving staff the digital tools and skills required to deliver services effectively and efficiently
  • Digital Place – equipping residents and businesses with the digital skills and technology they need to enhance their lives
  • Digital Collaboration – using data and technology to tackle complex issues and work together seamlessly with our partners.

The Digital Strategy outlines what our vision is for each priority area, where we are now and how we will achieve our vision, looking at some of the key projects within the priority areas. It also includes the principles that the council will use to focus our investment and guide our work using technology.

“Making Islington Digital”, the 2014-17 Digital Strategy is available for you to download at the bottom of this page.

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