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Secondary schools

Islington schools provide the best foundation for your child's future – young people are getting better exam results than ever before, setting them on the path towards further and higher education and job opportunities.

Pupils at Islington's secondary schools are achieving better exam results than ever before and multi-million pound investment is bringing fantastic new facilities and more opportunities to young people. We aim to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and personal development they will need to succeed.

There is a diverse choice of schools in the borough, including single or mixed sex schools, faith schools and academies, and a range of specialisms covering business, languages, science, arts, sports, technology, maths and humanities.


Types of secondary school

Community schools (5) These are run by Islington Council and a governing body. The council employs the staff, owns the land and buildings and sets the admission criteria.

Voluntary-aided (3) These are faith schools where the governing body runs the school, employs the staff and sets admission criteria. School buildings are usually owned by a charitable foundation and/or religious organisation.

Academies (2) These are independent state-funded schools managed by sponsors (which could be religious groups, charities or commercial businesses) that set and apply the admission arrangements.
Parents’ involvement in their child’s education is important and you will receive written reports on your child’s progress as well as invitations to meet with their teachers. You can find a list of secondary schools here, and you can read more about them in our secondary school admissions brochure, found on the school admissions pages. All the secondary schools also have their own websites.