Plans, policies and guidance

Islington's Development Plan is used to determine planning applications, alongside any relevant material considerations. The Development Plan is formed of: 

  • The London Plan, which is produced by the Mayor of London and is the overall strategic plan for London; and
  • Islington's Local Plan, a suite of documents which set out detailed policies for Islington.

These documents set out what can be built and where, how buildings are used, how local needs can be addressed and the level of financial contributions required from new development.

Islington's Local Plan

Islington's Local Plan is used to plan strategically across the borough, looking at future needs to be addressed, what change is likely to happen and where. The Local Plan contains a number of policies for ensuring that the borough develops in a sustainable manner.​

What's new

May 2016: the council has made three non-immediate Article 4 Directions to remove A1 to A2 permitted development rights in the borough. The Directions and supporting information can be viewed on the Permitted Development webpage.

April 2016: the council has adopted the Location and Concentration of Uses Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The SPD and supporting documents can be viewed on the SPD webpage.

Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge on new development to raise funds for infrastructure such as sports and community facilities, schools, parks, play space, health facilities and the transport network.​



Other planning guidance

To complement the Local Plan, the Islington Council produces guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular issues.