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Resident permits

Resident permits with one vehicle on them are issued electronically. Permits with more than one vehicle on them are issued as paper permits.

My eAccount

You should renew or apply for your permit online using My eAccount. This allows you to manage all of your council accounts in one place. If you haven’t already, register today as it only takes a minute and it’ll save you time in the future. Log in or register on My eAccount here and click on the My Parking box.

Resident roamer scheme

If you have a resident parking permit you can also use the resident roamer scheme between 11am and 3pm in resident and resident/shared use bays across Islington. The scheme does not apply in any other bays, on yellow lines, or when extended matchday hours are in force. The location of resident bays in Islington can be viewed using our Interactive Map.

Renew an existing resident permit

If you want to renew an existing resident permit you need to use our online form. You also need to read our terms and conditions before you do.

You will need the account number from your permit renewal reminder letter and your vehicle registration number to be able to complete your application. The cost of your permit depends on either the CO2 emission or the engine size of your vehicle(s). The online form will automatically check the DVLA CO2 details for your vehicle registration number and calculate the correct price of your permit.

Buy a new resident permit

Most people who live in Islington can apply for a parking permit. However all new housing developments are designated 'permit free'. This means that residents of these developments cannot have a permit to allow parking on the public highway, although residents can still buy visitor vouchers. If you are not sure if you live in one of these developments please call us on 020 7527 2000 or view this list of permit free properties.

More information about permit free developments can be found in the development management policies in the planning area of this website.

Residents living on council housing estates are entitled to purchase permits for parking on-street in their local CPZ, however these permits are not valid in estate car parks. If you require an estate permit you can purchase one from the Housing area of this website.

When you first apply we will issue a three month permit which is dependent on you sending us some documents to prove you are a resident and that you own your vehicle. You need to do this within 14 days; if we do not receive your documents within 14 days your application will be cancelled and we will not refund the three month payment.

When we process your application (usually on the next working day) we will send you an email telling you that the permit is live. Until that time you must park your vehicle legally either in a short stay bay, using a permission to park, or in a private car park.

If you want a permit for a scooter or motorcycle please see further down this page.

Please note the terms and conditions for the issue and use of a permit.

Buy a resident permit

The cost of your permit depends on either the CO2 emission or the engine size of your vehicle(s). If your vehicle was manufactured after April 2001 the online form will source the CO2 emission from the DVLA. For older vehicles you will need to know your engine capacity. This can be found on either your vehicle registration document (V5) or on the website.

The table below shows the cost of a vehicle permit (see further below for the cost of motorcycle and scooter permits).

Band​ ​Pre-2001 (cc) ​Post-2001 (CO2g/km) ​12 months ​6 months ​3 months ​1 month
A​ Electric​ 0-100​ Free​ Free​ Free​ Free​
B​ 1-900​ 101-110​ £15.50​ £7.75​ £5.75​ £5.75​
C​ 901-1100 111-120​ £28​ £14​ £7​ £5.75​
D​ 1101-1200​​ 121-130​ £74​ £37​ £18.50​ £6.25​
E​ 1201-1300​ 131-140​ £90​ £45​ £22.50​ £7.50​
F​ 1301-1399​ 141-150​ £97​ £48.50​ £24.25​ £8.25​
G​ 1400-1500​ 151-165​ £121​ £60.50​ £30.25​ £10​
H​ 1501-1650​ 166-175​ £139​ £69.50​ £34.75​ £11.50​
I​ 1651-1850​ 176-185​ £163​ £81.50​ £40.75​ £14​
J​ 1851-2100​ 186-200​ £206​ £103​ £51.50​ £17.50​
K​ 2101-2500​ 201-225​ £240​ £120​ £60​ £20​
L​ 2501-2750​ 226-255​ £336​ £168​ £84​ £28​
M​ 2751 and above​ 256 and above​ £434​ £217​ £108.50​ £36.50


Multiple vehicles

Each applicant can apply for one permit with up to three vehicles on it. Please note:

  • You can only park one vehicle at a time
  • The cost of the permit will be based on the vehicle with the highest CO2 emissions or largest engine size.

General information

  • Commercial vehicles and vehicles registered on or before 28 February 2001 do not have CO2 emissions and may show zero, so you will need to enter the size of your engine when completing the form
  • Permits for foreign registered vehicles will be priced at the highest permit price, unless documents verifying the engine size or CO2 emissions can be provided
  • If you own a 100% non-hybrid electric vehicle there will be no charge for your permit
  • Licensed Hackney Carriage operators are entitled to a discount – please make sure you choose the correct vehicle type when selecting your vehicle from the drop down menu

You can view a map of your zone and the hours of restriction here.

Motorcycle and scooter permits

To apply for a NEW motorcycle permit please use this form (PDF) and return to: Parking Permit Team, PO Box 72951, London N7 1DL. To RENEW an existing permit please use this online form. Prices are shown below. Please note the terms and conditions for the issue and use of a motorcycle permit.  

Duration ​12 months ​6 months ​3 months ​1 month
Cost​ £49.50​ £24.75​ ​£12.50 ​£6.50


Change your vehicle

If you currently have a permit and have changed your vehicle you can swap the vehicles over using this application form (PDF). You will need to return the application form and your old permit to us by post to: Parking Permit Team, PO Box 72951, London N7 1DL.

Courtesy cars

From time to time, residents with a parking permit may need to park a courtesy or hire car whilst their own car is being serviced. There is no additional charge for this but you will need to visit the Customer Centre at 222 Upper Street who will issue a paper permit for the replacement vehicle. If a physical permit is used in the vehicle that is off the road (as opposed to a virtual e-permit), it must be returned, a new permit with both vehicle registrations will then be issued. Please note: you need to provide a copy of the hire agreement documentation in order to add the vehicle to your permit.

Alternatives to owning your own vehicle

In Islington there is a car club type scheme which gives you access to a vehicle without owning one yourself.  It is run by Zipcar and offers many different types of vehicle from fixed bays across the borough.