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Developing Housing Associations

Affinity Sutton

October 2006 marked the formation of the Affinity Sutton Group led by Affinity and William Sutton Housing Association. The group is now one of the largest providers of affordable housing in the country. William Sutton succesfully own and manage a large estate in Islington and are currently involved in the redevelopment of a number of former underused council sites for afforable housing.

Circle Anglia

Circle Anglia is the largest housing association in Islington, owning over 3,000 properties and a further 700 homes for sheltered housing. Circle is also an important development partner and is involved in a number of schemes throughout the borough including 213 Junction Road. In early 2007 Circle completed a new development on Caledonian Road which contained homes for both shared ownership and general needs socil rent.

Community Housing Association

Community Housing Association has won numerous awards for its new developments in London, including the Royal Institute of British Architecture (RIBA).

Its past developments in Islington include the Priory Heights Scheme. The first scheme of its kind in London, it was built without subsidy with the money raised through the private sale of properties, allowing it to subsidise its social housing. Formally known as Wynford House, the redevelopment was sensitive to the design of the existing building while also providing an additional 62 private rent and 26 social housing units. This scheme preserved a local landmark and enabled cross subsidy for social housing units elsewhere in the borough.

Community is currently involved in a number of new developments in Islington, including 26 Laycock Street .

Family Mosaic

The merger of Family Housing Association and Mosaic Homes in mid 2006 created once of the largest housing associations in the UK. They now provide homes and housing services to around 45,00 people in approximately 20,000 homes across London and Essex, approximately 2315 are located in Islington. Family Mosaic are one of Islington's leading development partners. The largest scheme that they are involved in is the prestigious City Road Basin which is expected to deliver 196 new affordable homes.


The Genesis Housing Group currently owns and manages over 40,000 home across London and the South East, approximately 50 of these are located in Islington. Genesis have recently been involved in an importanrt development in Islington, The Wintons in Kings Cross. This development provided large family sized units for social rent and a number of shared ownership units. The Wintons was unique in Islington as it was the first in the borough to have used environmentally sustainable modular construction methods.

Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association

Established in 1934, Islington and Shoreditch Housing Association owns over 500 properties in Islington. ISHA has seen its share of the approved development programme grow significantly in the last two years. Its most recent schemes include the development of affordable housing at King Henry Walk and Charles Lamb school in partnership with Islington Council and Cambridge Education @ Islington.

Newlon Housing Trust

Newlon Housing Trust was founded in 1968 and established its housing development programme in the 1980's. In 2000, Islington transferred over 600 properties to them as part of the Barnsbury Estate stock transfer.

In 2003 Newlon was named as the leading housing association partner in the ‘Arsenal on the Move’ redevelopment project. This has already produced approximately 700 new homes in the area which are a mix of social rented, intermediate rent and new build home buy. Newlon is now the sixth largest association in Islington with approximately 900 properties located in the borough.

Peabody Housing Trust

Founded in 1862 by George Peabody, the Peabody Trust is the largest association active in London today. It currently owns nearly 20% of all the housing association properties in Islington. In 1999, ten estates were transferred to Peabody in the Kings Cross area as part of a £37 million repairs and environmental improvements plan. Peabody has recently been involved in refurbishing a number of estate properties for Intermediate rent for Key Workers.

Southern Housing Group

Concentrated in London and the Southeast, Southern Housing Group is a large association that has been heavily involved in community regeneration and development in Islington. It is currently undertaking the regeneration and renewal of the Market Estate, which will see the demolition of the estate and replacement with a mix of affordable rented, shared ownership and private sale properties. The first phase of this regeneration is due to be completed in September 2007.

The Guinness Trust

The Guinness Trust own and manage over 18,000 properties throughout the country, including approximately 450 in Islington. They state that they are committed to “improving service delivery and resident involvement in the area”. Guinness is currently involved in a number of large developments in Islington, including the redevelopment of Naish Court and the forthcoming development of the Hornsey Road Baths and surrounding areas. The Guinness Trust is also working in partnership with Barnsbury housing association on the Eden Grove School redevelopment, which is due to complete in February 2008.


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