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Cycling In Islington

Cycling has health benefits and is a cheap way of getting around. It can help you avoid traffic jams and the difficulties of parking in London. This often makes cycling a faster way to travel.

We know that 10% of Islington residents regularly cycle and many cycle to work. We want to make cycling as safe and easy as possible and for more of our residents to enjoy cycling regularly.

We are doing this by providing additional cycle routes, improving existing cycling routes and by improving cyclist’s skills and confidence. We offer free cycle skills sessions for adults and children and free led rides.

We want to make cycling as easy as possible for residents. We’ve secured £2million from Transport for London (TfL) to help deliver improved cycle routes in the borough which will help integrate our routes into a wider London cycling grid. 

TfL’s Central London Cycle Grid is a set of safer, connected routes for cyclists across central London that are called Quietways and Superhighways.  

Superhighways will be located on main roads and include sections of segregated cycle lanes that will be delivered by TfL. 

Quietways follow backstreet routes, through parks, along waterways or tree-lined streets. They are for new and existing cyclists who want a safer cycling experience and to travel at a slower pace.  

The location of proposed Quietway and grid routes routes in the Central London Grid area was consulted on by TfL in December 2013 and details of the Grid and Quietways programs can be found on Transport for London's webpage

Our routes are designed to create convenient, safer and more direct cycle routes for cyclists of all abilities. These are quieter roads and the new cycling improvements on the route will offer a clear, signed and safe journey for cyclists linking into the wider London cycling network. It will also make it easier for local people to cycle to local facilities such as shops and leisure centres.

We plan to deliver five new cycle routes that are easier to use by the end of 2016 with more to follow. Most of these new routes will link key destinations via quieter roads. (Quietways).

What next?

Delivery of Islington’s cycle improvement routes by December 2016 include:

  • Quietway Route 2​: Bloomsbury to Walthamstow (Islington section) – Lloyd Baker from the junction with Farringdon Road, to Northchurch Road junction with Southgate Road.
  • City Road to Finsbury Square Grid Route – Bath Street from the junction with City Road to Finsbury Square via Bunhill Row and Chiswell Street.
  • Golden Lane to Leonard Street via Featherstone Street Grid Route​
  • Clerkenwell Road and Old Street Grid Route – from the junction with Farringdon Road to Old Street Roundabout. The council is preparing plans for new cycling facilities along Clerkenwell Road and Old Street to form part of the network of cycling routes we’re delivering in partnership with Transport for London. The route is already extremely popular with cyclists, and we’re hoping to add to that popularity by creating facilities that help encourage the less confident cyclists amongst our residents to use the route. The Council will complete design work later this year, and intends to consult fully with local residents and businesses on the proposals. It is very important to the Council that the local community has the opportunity to influence and help shape the facilities we are proposing once we know what’s feasible.

In addition, we are working on a number of significant programmes that are being led by TfL that will provide transformational cycle facilities at:


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