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FA Cup victory parade

  • Date: 30 May 2015
  • Author: Communications

Congratulations to Arsenal who beat Aston Villa in the FA Cup at Wembley. To celebrate the win, we are going ahead with the celebratory parade in Islington this Sunday 31 May. 

This is an exciting day for the borough and we are expecting large crowds to want to celebrate with the team. The council are working closely with Arsenal FC and police to ensure it's a safe and enjoyable event.

To help us coordinate this there are a number of road closures, parking restrictions and changes to public transport, in and around the parade route. Whether you are hoping to come to watch the parade or whether you live, or run a business locally, read on for more information to help you plan for the day.

You can keep up-to-date with all the action on Twitter @IslingtonBC, where we will be sending out live tweets throughout the day using the hashtag #arsenalparade.

You may also want to check Arsenal FC's website for updates too.

Timetable and route

The players will travel from the Emirates Stadium to Islington Town Hall, Upper Street and back in two open top buses.

The approximate timings are:

11am: The parade starts next to the stadium at Drayton Park, by Martineau Road. From here the players will travel in open top buses along Drayton Park, Aubert Park, Highbury Park, Highbury Grove, St Paul’s Road, and half way round Highbury roundabout into Upper Street.

12noon: The parade will arrive at the Town Hall, where there will be a short appearance by the players outside.  This will be followed by a closed reception in Islington Assembly Hall, before the parade returns back to the stadium.

1pm: The parade will leave the Town Hall and head back towards the Emirates Stadium where there will be a team appearance on the Emirates Stadium podium. Viewing will be from the area in front of the Armoury store and adjacent street.

2pm: The celebration ends. 

The viewing areas at the Town Hall, Emirates Stadium and Highbury Corner will have capacity limits and be closed when full. Smaller crowds tend to gather along Aubert Park, Highbury Barn and Highbury Grove and we encourage you to consider viewing from this section of the route.

A map with the full parade route is available to download from the bottom of this page.

Road closures and parking

Parking restrictions will come into place on Saturday 30 May if Arsenal win. There will be road closures on the route of the parade from 9am on 31 May. We expect all restrictions to be lifted by 3pm. This is apart from those in the area around the Emirates Stadium which should be lifted by 5pm.

If the road you live or work on is closed, access will not be possible after 9am until the parade is over, so please make extra allowances for this. There are no matchday restrictions in place this weekend, so if your road is not part of the proposed route, usual Sunday parking restrictions will be in effect.

The map below gives details of the road closures that will be in operation if the parade goes ahead.

Public transport

A large number of people will want to travel to the area, so it is likely that there will be delays and changes to public transport. Many buses will be diverted and you should expect disruption to all forms of public transport for much of the day.

Due to major works at Highbury and Islington station, access is limited and we would advise you to consider using an alternative station as well as not using it as a meeting point.   

If you are planning to travel through the area we would advise that you leave extra time for your journey and avoid using transport around the main parade areas.

You can find up to date information about any changes to public transport on the day at

Walking routes

With various road closures in operation, the maps below will show you the best ways to find a spot to watch the parade.

From Angel tube station, coming along Essex Road:

  • Turn into Canonbury Road to get to Highbury Roundabout
  • Turn into Canonbury Street onto St Paul's Road
  • Continue down Essex Road until St Paul's Road, and go left towards the Alwyne Castle
  • Turn into Canonbury Street and walk to Willow Bridge Road, which will take you onto St Paul's Road

From Angel tube station, walking up Upper Street:

  • You will be diverted along Theberton Street to walk along Liverpool Road. The best place to join the route from here is to go down Laycock Street
  • You can also go to Cross Street to walk onto Essex Road. Follow Essex Road to Canonbury Road, which will take you towards the parade route at Highbury Roundabout

From Arsenal tube station:

  • Turn right out of the station onto Drayton Park and head to the bottom of Aubert Park - the mini roundabout will be used as a viewing area
  • Go straight onto Highbury Hill onto Aubert Park
  • Turn left up Gillespie Road until Avenell Road, to the top part of Aubert Park
  • Turn left up Gillespie Road to Blackstock Road, walk up Blackstock Road and you will come to the top of the hill where the bus will turn into Highbury Park.

Please note that there will be no pedestrian access in the following locations:

Upper Street - From the junction with Cross Street to the junction with Barnsbury Street

Barnsbury Street - From the junction with Upper Street to the junction with College Cross

Safety at the parade

The priority will be making sure residents, visitors and property are safe. Special arrangements have been made for the parade and there will be stewards and police on hand to assist us in managing the event.

We will be putting up barriers and cordons to help manage crowds and protect property. Please be vigilant and consider your own safety and the safety of others around you.

Don’t bring any glass or alcohol with you. Islington is a Controlled Drinking Zone, meaning drinking on the street is not allowed and if the police or stewards see you, you may be asked to pour it away.

Don't climb on walls, fences and roofs to get it a better view. It is dangerous and you will be able to see the parade easily from the ground. Avoid bringing very small children or buggies with you - it will be very crowded, difficult to manoeuvre and may be scary for young children.

If you live along or near the route please take reasonable steps to protect your own property. If anyone tries to use your property to see the parade, or if you witness something you feel is dangerous, notify the nearest police officer or stewards, or call us on 020 7527 2000.

Medical points

There will be three main medical points throughout the parade route and Arsenal event at the Emirates. The points are stated below:

  • Tyndale Mansions (inside)
  • Highbury Place (outside Barclays bank)
  • Hornsey Road (close to Rollit Street)

Clean up

We will have extra resources available to clean the streets of litter and debris and remove the barriers once the parade is over. Our aim is to get the streets clean and back to normal as quickly as possible after the event.


Crowded areas

With numbers expected to be very high, it is advisable to find areas of the route which may be less crowded. Highbury Park and St. Paul's Road are two sections of the route which could be less congested.



We will be tweeting throughout the event. Follow us @IslingtonBC to keep up-to-date with where the bus is on the route, and more. 


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