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New Exhibitions

All of our exhibitions are free. Exhibitions at Islington Museum and Local History Centre are listed below.

Our events and children's events are listed separately and the Islington events diary also provides details of all council events. 

FROM EAST TO WEST: Chinese life in London since 1900

Friday 5 December 2014 - Saturday 26 February 2015

Venue: Islington Museum

Admission: Free

Explore the life experiences of Chinese people in London from 1900 to the present day in this new and fascinating exhibition at Islington Museum.

The Chinese community has contributed much to Britain’s economy and British society and is one of the oldest communities in London. It is frequently associated with spectacular celebrations at Chinese New Year and delicious cuisine but it has much more to offer.

While Chinatown in London’s West End remains an important focal point for the Chinese, the community also has a strong presence in all parts of the city, including Islington.

London is home to Chinese schools and community centres, offering education, advice and activities for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Chinese community in London is very diverse and, although undergoing constant change and development, it maintains its unique cultural identity.

'From East to West' offers a deeper insight into Chinese heritage and culture and shows how the community has developed since first settling in London. You are invited to explore the background and life experiences of the first Chinese immigrants to the capital, as well as discovering the treasures of Chinese culture, including art, calligraphy and traditions that continue to practised and presented in London and beyond.

The exhibition is part of the British Chinese Workforce Heritage project run by Ming-Ai (London) Institute.

Forthcoming exhibitions at Islington Museum in 2015

Full details and confirmation of dates to follow

March/April: 'SixMix'. An exhibition examining the work of young artists from six of Islington’s schools and colleges

22 May - 29 August: 'Dream to change the world'. In partnership with the George Padmore Institute, this exhibition draws on the past events in the multicultural history of Trinidad and its diaspora to tell the story of the life of John La Rose. Having been involved in workers rights movements in Trinidad in the 1940s and 50s, leading up to independence from the British, La Rose settled in London and became an active member of Britain's black community in the early 1960s, founding New Beacon Books and The Caribbean Artists Movement.

25 October 2015 - 31 January 2016: 'Trade nightclub'. Celebrating 25 years since the opening of this iconic gay nightclub in Islington in 1990, Founded by Laurence Malice, Trade became both highly successful and influential, operating from 4am until 1pm on Sundays. The club was located at Turnmills on Clerkenwell Road and was advertised as "the original all-night bender." Its admission policy was insistent that, "you don't have to be gay or a member to get in, but your attitude and look will count." Trade ended its Sunday slot on 27 in October 2002 but later toured the world, returning to London for one off events.