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Listings for Islington Museum and Local History Centre events are shown below (except where stated).

Our exhibitions and children’s events updated links are listed separately and the Islington events diary also provides details of all council events.  

Watch this space for forthcoming events and activities at Islington Museum and Local History Centre in 2014. 

Best in Show: Crufts at the Royal Agricultural Hall
Tour of Beastly Islington

Venue: Islington Museum
Date and time: 6.30-7.30pm, Thursday 7 August 2014
Admission and booking: Free. To book a place visit our Eventbrite booking page

Our double event this evening commences with a fascinating talk that examines the origins of dog showing as a hobby and then takes a look at the early life of Charles Cruft and how his show became the most well known in the business. Our guest speaker will also recount how Cruft established his show at Islington's Royal Agricultural Hall and how he built his reputation as an innovator in the area of public relations, sponsorship and advertising. 

'Best in Show' is presented by Ciara Farell who is Library and Collections Manager at the Kennel Club. 

The second half of tonight's event features an exclusive tour of our current exhibition 'Beastly Islington: Animals in the borough since the 17th century'. Your guide is Natalie Conboy, Museum Exhibitions and Collections Officer ta Islington Museum and Curator of 'Beastly Islington'.

Beastly Islington: Living Alongside the Animals

Venue: Islington Museum
Date and time: 6.30-7.30pm, Thursday 11 Septmber 2014
Admission and booking: Free. To book a place visit our Eventbrite booking page

Today it is rare to find mention of Islington animals in the newspapers but in the 19th century the 'Islington Gazette', for example, was full of animal tales – from the plight of tram horses and anger directed at organ grinders & their dangerous monkeys to concerns over dog mutilation at Crufts and cows charging into chemist shops. Hannah Velten will explore these articles, and other contemporary writings, to see just how animals impacted on the everyday lives of Islington’s population, both on those working with the animals and those observing the animals, and how this animal-human relationship evolved over time, with particular reference to animal welfare.

Hannah Velten is a writer and private researcher interested in the historical relationship between humans and animals. She has written 'COW' (Animal Series, Reaktion Books), 'MILK: A Global History' (Edible Series, Reaktion Books) and 'Beastly London: A History of Animals in the City' (Reaktion Books). Her website has links to her two animal history blogs: ‘Round The Watertrough’ and ‘Animal History Daily’.