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How do I register?

Interested in working as a canvasser to help us to encourage other voters to register? Visit our new and improved beta website for further details and to download an application form. 

It's easy to get your name on the electoral register, if it's not already, with the register being updated every month from January to September. You can now register online in less than three minutes at You will need your national insurance number to-hand. Alternatively you can contact electoral services at or call 020 7527 3110. 

There are some criteria you must meet to be able to register - if you're not sure you're eligible to vote, click Who can vote? on the right.


Annual Registration

You must confirm your registration every year. You will receive a household registration form in late August, to which you should respond to confirm the details of the household for a further year.


Rolling Registration

If you need to make changes or register throughout the year it will work in accordance with the statutory timetable below.

Timetable for Registering

​Apply by... ​Added to the Register on..

​11 December 2015

​4 January2016

8 January 2016

​1 February2016

​8 February 2016

​1 March 2016

​18 March 2016

31 March 2016​

​18 April 2016 (deadline for GLA election)

​27 April 2016

7 June 2016 (deadline for EU Referendum)

​16 June 2016

​9 June 2016

​1 July 2016

​8 July 2016

​1 August 2016

​10 August 2016

​1 September 2016


Monthly rolling registration is suspended during the annual canvass which runs from late-August until 1 December when the revised register is published.

Elections and Postal Voting

To find out about upcoming elections in Islington, click the link above-right.

If you wish to apply to vote by post for any forthcoming elections, click the Postal Voting link, also above-right.