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How do I register?

The way we all register to vote has changed

The registration system changed on 10 June 2014. The new system is called 'Individual Electoral Registration'.

How is the new system different?

  • You can now register online at
  • Everyone is responsible for registering themselves. Under the old system the 'head of household' could register everyone who lived at their address.
  • You need to provide a few more details to register - including your national insurance number and date of birth. This makes the electoral register more secure.

How do I register under the new system?

  • Fill in your name, address, date of birth and a few other details. You'll also need your national insurance number, which can be found on your national insurance card, or in official paperwork such as payslips, or letters about benefits or tax credits.
  • Look out for a confirmation letter to say you're registered.

Will I need to do anything?

Most people who are already registered to vote will be registered automatically under the new system. They do not need to do anything. However, some people will need to take action to join the new register. We are writing to people to tell them whether they need to take action.

  • Respond to the letter if you are asked to

The letter will tell you whether you are on the new register or whether you need to take action. It will tell you what to do. 

To find out more go to

There are some criteria you have to meet to be able to register, so if you're not sure if you're eligible to vote click on Who is eligible? on the left-hand side.

Rolling Registration

If you move house or your details change, you can update your registration at any time of year by going online or completing a new voter registration form. You'll then be notified of the changes to the electoral register in writing, which you may want to keep as proof of your registration.

Timetable for Registering

The electoral register is updated each month, according to the statutory timetable below. Monthly Rolling Registration is now complete for this year and the revised register will now be published on 1 December 2014.

For a hard copy of the voter registration form contact Electoral Services on 020 7527 3110.