The Islington Fairness Commission

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Despite its wealthy image, Islington is the fourteenth most deprived local authority area in England, with extremes of rich and poor. The Islington Fairness Commission (IFC) was set up in June 2010 to look into how to make the borough a fairer place and published its final report and recommendations in June 2011.

Read the full IFC Final Report (PDF) and see the IFC Presentation (PDF) for a quick overview of how we went about it.

The council and key partners have engaged in wide ranging efforts to deliver the actions in the recommendations, the majority being about key services such as housing, community safety and health and education.

Over the past two years we have made good progress in implementing the recommendations, such as becoming the joint first Local Authority to gain accreditation as a London Living Wage employer in 2012. For an update on some of the key achievements to date please see IFC update November 2014.

The Islington Fairness Commission

​Find out why we set up a Fairness Commission, information about the Commissioners, press releases and media coverage.

Putting fairness into practice

Find the Fairness Commission's final report and how we are implementing its recommendations to make Islington a fairer place.

Setting up a Fairness Commission

​Find advice for local authorities on setting up a Fairness Commission and background reading. 

What we found out

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